Thursday; November 21, 2019

Workplace Cybersecurity Newscast

A Security News Roundup for Financial Advisors 

Small advisers struggle with cybersecurity demands of regulators
InvestmentNews: State securities regulators are concerned about a growing number of deficiencies related to cybersecurity at state-registered investment advisers, firms with no more than $100 million in assets under management. Incidents found during state regulators exams are up -  26% compared to 23% in 2017. 

Cyberattacks now cost small companies $200,000 on average, putting many out of business
CNBC: Cyberattacks now cost small businesses $200,000 on average, reveals insurance carrier Hiscox, with 60% of them going out of business within six months of being victimized.

Yahoo could pay you $358 for its massive data breach settlement. Here's how to claim it
CNN: If approved by a California courts, Yahoo will settle a lawsuit arising from data breaches between 2013 and 2016, including one incident in 2013 where every single customer account was exposed. The settlement is expected to cost Yahoo $117.5 million.

7 SMB Security Tips That Will Keep Your Company Safe
DarkReading: With NCSAM as a backdrop, industry leaders weigh in on how SMBs can more effectively protect themselves from cyberattacks. Main tips: 1. Identify the Company's Most Sensitive Data, 2. Protect Company Data by Performing Frequent Updates and 3. Create a Cybersecurity Culture.

Mississippi audit finds 'disregard' for cybersecurity across state
StateScoop: In a state audit completed Oct. 1st, of 125 state agencies, boards, commissions and universities in Mississippi, more than half fail to meet at least 75 percent of the state’s cybersecurity requirements. “Many state agencies are operating as if they are not required to comply with cyber security laws, and many refused to respond to auditors’ questions about their compliance,” the report says.

Expert: New Key-Copying Kiosks Cause For Concern
CBS New York: One popular supermarket key-making kiosk can now also make copies of RFID badges and key fobs, raising a new slew of business security concerns. The company, Key.Me, now offers while you wait key and electronic key duplication services has 2,300 locations across leading retailers across 46 states.